SEX EDUCATION Season 4: What to expect

Sex Education Photo from North Carolina Public Radio

After two years of anticipation, season four of the fan favorite show Sex Education is finally arriving on Netflix on September 21st. If you are not caught up on all three seasons, stop reading now to avoid spoilers!

To say the fanbase has missed Otis and his crew’s chaos is an understatement. Fans can expect to see Asa Butterfield (Otis) back on screen along with Emma Mackey (Maeve), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric), Connor Swindells (Adam), Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee), Kedar Williams-Stirling (Jackson), and a few more favorites.

While most are returning, there are some beloved cast members that have parted ways with the show.

Despite the departure of some integral characters on the show, such as Rakhee Thakrar, Tanya Reynolds, Simone Ashley, and Patricia Allison, fans can look forward to connecting with new characters. 

The group of new characters this season is star studded; two of the known new characters will be played by Dan Levy and Jodie Turner-Smith.

The season three finale left people with many questions, so what can we expect to see this upcoming season?

Sex Education Photo from North Carolina Public Radio
Sex Education Photo from North Carolina Public Radio

Character Development for Aimee

Aimee was last seen tearfully encouraging Maeve to travel to America. It is obvious that Maeve cannot miss this opportunity considering her potential, and Aimee is a true friend for reminding Maeve of this.

The separation of Aimee and Maeve is bound to create a shift in the plot line, but what kind of shift this will be is still unknown. Additionally, Aimee is currently single, so it will be interesting to see how her character progresses without her best friend or a boyfriend.

Furthermore, Aimee is starting fresh at a new school, so she will have to step outside of her comfort zone to make new friends and build a new life there.

Considering these monumental life changes for Aimee, fans should expect to see Aimee mature and build stronger decision making skills.

Sex Education Photo from Cosmopolitan
Sex Education Photo from Cosmopolitan

New School for Mooredale Students

Aimee is only one of the few who will be dealing with the transition to another school; her classmates such as Otis, Eric, Adam, and more will be experiencing the same thing. Starting at a new school means that the dynamic will shift significantly; so, characters will be viewed in a different way from the way they were seen at Moordale High. 

Each student will have the opportunity to start fresh and revamp who they were. The students at this new school do not know the kind of people the Moordale students were at Moordale, so each Moordale student has the opportunity to rebuild themselves and how people perceive them.

The onslaught of new characters means there will be new outfits, makeup styles, and new locations. All of Sex Education’s new looks and locations are fresh and trendy, and Waital is the perfect tool to find these products and places. 

The new group of characters at Cavendish, who call themselves the Coven, sport sustainable, forward-thinking styles that fit the new environment of Cavendish. 

The costume director chose clothing full of texture with lots of color that exudes joy and happiness regarding the accepting environment they are in. These styles will resonate heavily with gen z viewers, especially looks such as the puffy purple jacket, yellow jumpsuit, and quilted jacket shown in the picture above.

Furthermore, the coven is experimental with their makeup: they choose vibrant neon colors of facial makeup and apply the makeup in avant-garde ways on their faces. Eric’s style evolution is quite evident this season as he leans further into his identity as part of the LGBTQ+ community. At Cavendish, Eric feels as though he can truly be himself. 

This pushes him to take more risks in his daily fashion choices, such as wearing heavier, vibrant, makeup on his face and more daring clothing that reveals more of his skin. This shift in his style signifies his full embrace of himself in the Queer community. Similarly, Aimee demonstrates more clarity regarding her identity as a young woman, and she uses her fashion choices to display this.

This chic red jumpsuit and matching barret proves that Aimee is maturing and becoming more sophisticated. Finally, Otis’s famous striped jacket lives on in season four, and all fans are here for it.


Sex Education Photo from The Independent
Sex Education Photo from The Independent

New Faces, New Places

There are many new film locations this season, and they are all places that can be easily visited.

The exterior of Cavendish Sixth Form College is depicted on the front facade of St. Fagan’s National Museum of History in Cardiff, Wales. Maeve is now attending college in the United States, but is she actually in the US when filming?

The answer is no: the private school Westonbirt School located near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England is where they filmed Maeve attending Wallace College.

The supervising location manager of Sex Education was looking for a building that would fit the Ivy league College aesthetic, and Westinbirt School does just that.

Another new location is the farm that Adam is working on. The remote location is Werngochlyn Farm, which is located near Abergavenny in Wales.

Photo from Atlas of Wonders
Photo from Atlas of Wonders

Maeve Will Experience Culture Shock

Although the last shot of season three showed Maeve smiling to herself, fans should expect to see Maeve struggling as she navigates her emotions spurred by moving to America.

Maeve has never been to America, so the culture of America will be shocking and uncomfortable to her at first. She has been surrounded by the same circle of people for as long as she can remember, so how will she react when she is removed from this environment?

This move to America will test Maeve’s adaptability skills in new situations and her ability to build new connections. Maeve’s move to America also means that Otis and Maeve will not be dating in person indefinitely, so this transition will prove how strong their relationship truly is.

Can they last as a couple even with an ocean between them? Maeve and Otis have worked through many challenging situations in the past, but the hurdle of living in different cities is something they did not expect.

Sex Education Photo from Digital Spy
Sex Education Photo from Digital Spy

Adam and Eric are Single

Adam and Eric were not the only ones feeling heartbreak following their breakup; fans were sad to see them part ways after much anticipation of them being together.

Eric’s kiss with Oba while visiting his family in Nigeria is what ultimately pushed Adam to break up with Eric, but it’s clear that other underlying conflicts were brewing throughout season three that expedited the breakup.

Although some people are rooting for them to get back together, it is important to acknowledge that the breakup could be a good thing for the both of them. Existing as two separate people and not as a couple will give them space to grow independently without being attached to each other.

Things are still up in the air with Adam and Rahim, so it is possible they may bond this upcoming season. This could complicate things with Eric and Adam even further because of Eric and Rahim’s previous relationship, so fans should expect the formation of a love triangle between these three.

Sex Education Photo from Newsweek
Sex Education Photo from Newsweek

New Outfits and Looks

With a new season comes countless new outfits and styles sported by each character, and Waital is here to help you find these looks so you can wear them yourself!

As shown above in an advertisement for season 4, the cast members all maintain their senses of styles that fans have come to love in the past 3 seasons.

Many fans love the styles of each cast member because of how they do not stick to one era with clothing. From vintage to modern day looks, the cast members intentionally dress without a desired era to create more individuality.

Otis is still sporting his red, white, and blue striped jacket, (the link can be found on Waital under Sex Education and temporada dos), Maeve is showing off her collections of leather jackets (the links for multiple leather jackets are under temprado dos and Sex Education on Waital), and Eric is still showcasing a vibrant color palette in his clothing choices (the link to his neon colored cheetah print button down shirt is also under temporada dos on Waital under Sex Education).

Waital is the perfect place to find the links to all of your favorite outfits from Sex Education, and fans can look forward to attaining the looks they like the most from the show using Waital!

Sex Education Photo from Tudum
Sex Education Photo from Tudum